Scandinavian Rail Optimisation

The Rail Optimisation series of events are now firmly established in the diaries of rail leaders who attend in order to access the latest strategies and innovations in the rail industry’s digital evolution.

Scandinavian Rail Optimisation will bring together the Infrastructure Managers and Rail Operators of Scandinavia to discuss their latest investment plans and how they are optimising the latest digital trends to achieve their objectives of increasing quality, improving reliability, enhancing capacity and reducing maintenance costs in the region.

From developing a smart infrastructure, helping to advance customer experience, improving maintenance through effective use of the Internet of Things, investing in state-of-the-art rolling stock, and capitalising on the latest technologies to make Rail the first-choice mode of transport, this unique conference provides the perfect stage on which to bring together those with the questions, and those with the answers. It’s an opportunity to share experiences – and for vital collaboration.

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